75th Independence Day – Standing at the Crossroad Between Legacy and Dreams

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As we celebrate 75th year of Independence, we need to remember that what makes us a vibrant and strong Nation, is the strength and character of our people. India of today is different from the India of past and so will be the future India. Yet there is an underlying fabric of sense of togetherness, emanating from our collective consciousness and sense of shared being, that we all share as citizen of India.

One of the best indirect outcomes of the second World War was our Independence. Had it not have happened, who knows that our days of struggle would have been longer. As a nation we navigated many challenges and adversity, since Independence and had many moments of Joy. Many of the events left a permanent scar on our shared fabric, but many of them laid foundation for future India. We started from partition and journeyed a long way in achieving means to secure India’s Defense needs, economic needs and social needs. In the last 75 years, we started our journey by setting up first nuclear reactor Apsara in 1956 to conducting Pokhran II in 1998. During the period, we embarked on sophisticated space programs like Mission Shakti and Chnadrayaan 2, whilst overcoming the testing times led by war with China & Pakistan, liberation of Bangladesh and Kargil War 1999.

On the economic side, one of the great achievements have been the ability of our entrepreneurs to create many World class enterprises despite inherent chaos and madness of the ever-evolving ecosystem.  These reforms have been supported by the political decision making, many a times by choice but sometimes by compulsion. This includes the reforms related to Green Revolution, Nationalisation of Banks and opening of economy in 1991 caused by the economic impact of disintegration of USSR on India.  

Further Morarji Desai becoming first non-Congress PM in 1977 and formation of first BJP govt in 1998 were the two key political events, that marked the decisive shift in political orientation in the conscience of Nation.

1991 reforms, caused by compulsion of economic crises, were the turning point in History of modern India. Many of the large organization vanished due to opening of economy, but it unleashed the animal spirit of our businesses in true terms. These reforms were fundamental in laying foundation of Modern India. In the last thirty years, Indian economy surpassed UK and France to become fifth largest economy @ close to $ 3 trillion.

Today, as we are celebrating 75th Independence, we need to remember that the world is not perfect. Global rules of engagement are different for different players emanating from military might, geo-political influence, economic prowess and trade relations.  Real freedom lies in the power to choose. Example of Tibet and Taiwan is in front of us. Tibet has lost its sovereignty and Taiwanese sovereignty hinges on subjective breadth and quality of US military assistance. 

In today’s times, the economic and military strategies are not two different things but different face of one common objectives. The country that will become prosperous will someday eventually become mightier. We are surrounded by hostile neighbors. Securities of our territories, maritime security, security of space assets, security of our economic and geopolitical interest, all depends on our strength as a Nation. 

History repeats. In the past we have seen the example when global event left India vulnerable.  We were not insulated then, neither we are now.  Today the great game of geopolitics is being played, between US and China and it impacts us directly as well as indirectly, both economically as well as strategically. Our actions today will determine our future security.

Several challenges what we are facing now, were inconceivable few decades back. Climate Change, Global Worming, global disparity, challenges emanating from digital interconnected world, space weaponization, global trade imbalance are few that requires immediate attention. These issues are not localized but challenges for humanity as a whole.  We are custodian of Nation, and have to perform our duties in fiduciary capacity and pass on the button to our future generation. We have to built a strong future which lies in equal opportunity, economic prosperity and a greener mother earth.

We are at the cross road, where we have an opportunity to build our future which is more just and equitable to fellow brothers and sisters. Today at the dawn of 75th Independence Day of India, Galactik Views is born, and embarks on an everlasting journey of advocating and promoting equitable, transparent and greener societies.

Jai Hind

Team Galactik Views

15th August, 2021

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