Big Data – A Big Driver For Wealth Creation in IT Stocks

Sooner with the 5G, self-driving cars will be reality in many parts of the world. We will sit in our cars in the morning reading our newspaper, and will ride back to home in the evening, sipping our coffee cup. We will only be required to choose our destination and rest will be an automated process, right from starting to reaching destination, to parking and performing many twists and turns on the way till we have reached our destination. The underlying magic of this process is not only the technology that is enabling the self-driving movement, but equally bigger is the magic of the big data analytics that will be facilitating the real time processing of billions of GB’s and TBs of data on a real time basis, generated by millions of drives in each single city and highways, for enabling a safe, secure and accident-free ecosystem. Thousands of interconnected machines, servers, data centers, enabling software’s, satellites, etc will be working round the clock in tandem, for generating, transferring, sharing and analyzing the data, for performing millions of individual as well as interconnected tasks and operations

Now if we map the data generated by the driving functions, and extrapolate it to the quantum of data generated by other day to day functions, consumption and behavior patterns, we well be needing super computers to calculate and process the quantum of data that each one of us will be emitting, individually as well as collectively.

Just to put the situation little objectively, billions of individual searches hit google server every day, hundreds of billions of e-mails are sent every day, millions of hours of videos are uploaded every day, billions of calls are registered by security agencies every day, billions of data points are collected by IoT sensors, data recorded and shared by satellite etc. These are few of the examples of unimaginable data points that our machines, generates, process, analyses and transmit. Volume of data is not only large, varied but also very high frequency in nature

Processing of this data is challenging through capabilities of traditional tool. Processing of this data through Big Data analytics, offers ground-breaking insights about customers, consumption pattern, markets, behavioural pattern, etc to make better and informed decisions. Large corporations have already incorporated the analytical culture for market engagement. The transformative insights that Big Data analytics provide will soon be catalyst for adoption by medium and small businesses.

We are heading towards a tectonic shift, with reference to quantum of information generation as well as consumption. Changes are not indigenous but global. Some of these technological and behavioral changes will result in big business for Indian IT firms. Data generated and shared through Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Block Chains, industrial sensors, google, you tube, twitter, net flix etc will all be analyzed through big data analytics. Many of the Industries like Education, Healthcare, Media and Entertainment, Banking Sector etc are going to be transformed by it.

It will not be unwise to assume that large part of backend services, for processing this data Globally, will be provided by Indian IT Firms. This pattern will be irreversible and may be once in a life time opportunity for wealth creation in mid and small Indian IT stock, having niche for big data analytics. Opportunities are so big, that not only Large IT firms will become larger, but some of the mid and smaller size IT firms will also become bigger in the process.

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