Boeing’s Digital Deal with Big Tech – Set to Empower Boeing’s Operation for Next 100 years

  • Boeing has chosen Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud and Microsoft for driving digital transformation
  • Deal will be Multi-Cloud Partnership drive digital transformation of Boeing
  • Digital tools that will empower Boeing for the next 100 years

After working together for more than two decades, Boeing and Microsoft has announced their strategic partnership for driving digital transformation.  Under the partnership, both the companies will deepen their strategic partnership by accelerating Boeing’s digital transformation. Collaboration will be expanded in nature and under the terms of collaboration, Boeing will leverage the Microsoft Cloud and its AI capabilities for updating its technology infrastructure and mission-critical applications. This will involve applications of intelligent new solutions, which are data driven, capable of opening new ways of working, streamlining operations and conducting business.

From the Boeing perspective, it has chosen three partners for driving digital transformation. According to Susan Doniz, Boeing digital future will be achieved through multi-cloud partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud and Microsoft.

According to Boeing chief information officer, Susan Doniz, strategic partnership with Microsoft will help Boeing in realizing its cloud strategy by removing infrastructure restraints. Partnership will support Boeing in scaling towards unlocking innovations and strengthening sustainable operations

On the partners side, Microsoft’s leadership in cloud technologies domain along with its deep industry expertise will support Boeing in achieving its digital transformation goals and will lay digital foundation for future.

Boeing was one of the first companies to use the Microsoft Cloud, storing many of its market-leading digital aviation applications on Microsoft Azure and leveraging artificial intelligence to improve customer outcomes and streamline operations.

Boeing designs, builds, and services commercial aeroplanes, defence equipment, and space systems for customers in over 150 countries. Microsoft is paving the way for digital transformation in the intelligent cloud and intelligent edge era.

According to Susan Doniz, under the deal there will be significant investment in the digital tools that will empower Boeing for the next 100 years. Multi-Cloud Partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud and Microsoft partnerships will strengthen Boeings ability to test a system and aircrafts hundreds of times, before they are deployed by using digital twin technology. Powered by cutting edge cloud tech Boeing will not have to worry about maintaining and paying for, on the premises server. Partnership will enable Boeing to bring scalability and elasticity in its operation.

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