Ericsson Establishes Quantum Research Hub in Montreal

As part of its cutting-edge worldwide quantum research agenda, Ericsson Canada has announced  the establishment of a new centre for quantum research in Montreal. The centre will house research initiatives with the goal of investigating quantum-based algorithms for speeding up processing in telecommunications networks and distributed quantum computing.

Collaboration will aid in converting quantum research into useful commercial developments, according to Jeanette Irekvist, President of Ericsson Canada. This will have a positive economic impact and encourage businesses to use Canadian-made products.

As new technologies are developed and more economic sectors seek to use quantum technology, the quantum sector will be essential to driving Canada’s economy, technology, and growth. A report commissioned in 2020 predicts that the Canadian quantum sector would generate $139 billion in revenue and 209,200 employment by the year 2045.

With its research and development skills and established connections with Canadian post-secondary schools including the Universities of Ottawa and Sherbrooke, Ericsson Canada is ideally positioned to strengthen the Canadian quantum ecosystem.

Research initiatives aim to investigate distributed quantum computing and quantum-based algorithms for telecom networks.

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