Ferrari NFT’s – Owning a Digital Ferrari in Metaverse

Will we see the Ferrari cars running in the Metaverse Platform? Will Ferrari create digital assets of its franchisee and tokenise the same for the purpose of owning digital cars by Ferrari Fans. Can we see a scenario where the people are buying and selling the digital version of Ferrari or tokenised Ferrari and its collatable?

Ferrari, the Italian luxury sports car manufacturer based in Maranello and leading iconic brand in the world of Automobile Industry, has announced its partnership with Velas Network AG which is a Swiss based blockchain start-up.

Through the partnership with World’s leading Blockchain development platform Velas, it looks like Ferrari is rapidly advancing towards the next generation of Internet by repositioning its Digital Presence.  

Under the deal Velas Network will be the new premium partner for Scuderia Ferrari, which is the racing division of Ferrari and Formula One Racing Team of Ferrari which has competed in every Formula One championship since 1950 and is also known as The Prancing Horse.

The deal period will be a multi-year agreement and under the deal Velas Network will create digital content for Scuderia Ferrari fans which will be exclusive in nature. Under the deal Velas will sponsor Ferrari Esports Series which includes online digital content for mono-brand series as well as content for Esports team that will participate in Formula One World Championship.

General Manager and Team Principal of Scuderia Ferrari, Mr Mattia Binotto has said that Ferrari and Network AG are united by the common values which is rooted in making technologically advanced products and services where innovation and performance are the hallmark of such products and services.

CEO & co-founder of Velas Network AG, Mr Farhad Shagulyamov has said that Company has innovated with pioneering technology into the Blockchain and related products and now with Ferrari’s association the block chain enabled products can be showcased at the pinnacle of motorsport. Velas has built sustainable and performance oriented blockchain which are next-gen blockchain protocols. He said that Ferrari is icon of excellence in its field due to which Velas is partnering with Ferari.

Earlier Ferrari has partnered with Epic Games for launching Ferrari 296 GTB for Fortnite platform which is one of the largest Gaming platforms in the World having more than 350 million registered users around the World. Price of each Ferrari 296 GTB starts over $3 Lakhs. People who want to test Ferrari but cannot afford can test drive in Fortnite Games. Epic Games partners with Companies to bring their digitised version in the games, making the games look closer to reality.

Future is happening now. Steps are being taken to clone the real world in the digitized platforms, add real world elements and enhance the experience using the power of technology and machines. Tomorrow we may see car companies tokenizing their digital assets. Those digital assets will be available for sale and purchase. So there may be a scenario where people who can’t afford Ferrari are holding the tokenized version and in some cases tokenized version of race winning digital machines and related assets may be selling at sky rocketing price and owner may move with his digital assets to another game in fully developed version of Metaverse.

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