Finland & Sweden – From Neutrality to Possibility of NATO Alignment

  • Finnish President Sauli Niinisto stated that joining NATO would not be against anyone
  • UK PM Boris Johnson is visiting Finland & Sweden
  • Finland and Sweden were non-aligned. However, post Ukraine invasion both countries are reconsidering their non-Alignment doctrine

Finland’s president and prime minister have both urged for the country to join NATO. On Wednesday, Finnish President Sauli Niinisto stated that joining NATO would not be against anyone.

On Wednesday, May 11, 2022, Prime Minister Boris Johnson met with President of the Republic of Finland Sauli Niinisto in Helsinki. Both leaders spoke on Ukraine and the security situation in Europe, and both expressed a desire for ever-deeper defence and security cooperation that can withstand any crisis.

Given the deterioration of Europe’s security situation, both leaders reaffirmed their commitment to strengthen security and defence cooperation and mutual solidarity. The United Kingdom and Finland will build on their existing partnership and collaborate to expand their capacities.

Both leaders criticised Russia’s continued invasion of Ukraine and urged the Russian Federation to end hostilities immediately, evacuate troops from Ukraine, and engage meaningfully in peace negotiations. The United Kingdom and Finland have supported Ukraine by providing arms and have further pledged to help Ukraine rebuild when Russia’s military offensive ends.

United Kingdom has praised Finland’s contribution to security in the Baltic Sea region, Northern Europe, and beyond. UK supports Finland’s admission in NATO and believes that it would benefit the entire North Atlantic region’s security. Finland and the United Kingdom have mutual security interests, and the United Kingdom is prepared to assist Finland in in any way possible.

The UK and Finland will expand and deepen their cooperation, notably in the fight against hybrid threats and influence operations. Both governments think that sharing information, especially intelligence collaboration, will be crucial in combating hybrid threats and preserving critical infrastructure. Both countries will collaborate on shared situation awareness, data protection, and cyber threat defense.

President Niinisto has already met with Parliamentary Committees (the Parliamentary Committee on Defence and the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs) to discuss security measures for Finland.

Further Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson met with Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom in Sweden for talks. They spoke on the grave security situation in Europe, as well as bilateral relations and cooperation between Sweden and the United Kingdom.

In the past, Finland and Sweden were non-aligned and a stabilising power in the Baltic region. However, post Ukraine invasion both Sweden as well as Finland are reconsidering their non alignment doctrine. There is a growing rhetoric and voices within both the countries to join the NATO forces. 

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