IAEA Develop Tools for Countries for Selecting Suitable Nuclear Reactor Technologies

Selecting the most appropriate reactor technology can be a daunting process for countries looking to introduce nuclear power or expand their programmes. Everything from site selection and performance requirements to economics and waste management must be considered, and no two countries reach the same conclusion. To help with this, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has created a new set of support tools.

The IAEA’s methodology for nuclear reactor technology assessment (RTA) used to make informed decisions on the most appropriate nuclear power plant designs has been refined in the newly updated publication  which is part of the Nuclear Energy Series. It outlines the obligations and responsibilities that must be met in order to make an informed decision.

RTA is a decision-making methodology based on numerous technical considerations in nuclear technology, which are translated into key elements with subsets of key topics. The revised publication clarifies the meaning and scope of these elements and topics in real-world applications through examples.

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