Nicaragua – A Struggle for Democracy

Nicaragua went for General elections on 7 November 2021 for electing the President, the National Assembly and members of the Central American Parliament. Due to the detention, intimidation, and disqualification of opposition leaders, the European Union, Organization of American States, United States have criticized Nicaragua elections as a sham.

In order to protect and foster the democratic processes and institution in Nicaragua, United states has restricted and suspended entry of members of Government in Nicaragua led by President Daniel Ortega and Vice President Rosario Murillo, spouse of President Ortega. Daniel Ortega is serving as a Nicaragua president since 2007. During his administration he has diminished the stature of democratic values and systems and has alienated many of his allies including former revolutionary.

According to reports of Amnesty International, Ortega is violently oppressing opposition and protesters involved in anti-Ortega protest during 2018–2021 Nicaraguan protests. Political situation is turning into humanitarian crises as the he violent crackdown and increasing curb on civil liberties is leading to massive migration to Costa Rica, for asylum.

Washington has highlighted that President Daniel Ortega, Vice President Rosario Murillo and the Government officials have failed to perform necessary functions required for protecting human rights and upkeeping the rule of law and are persistently observing corrupt practice, leading to erosion of democratic institutions. According to the white House brief, Ortega government has cracked down on opposition leaders including civil society leaders and journalists, breaking down the democratic process needed for true and fair election and stripped the right of people to elect leader of their choice.

Municipal officials under the Ortega Government are under the highlight and directly responsible for violence against the protestors of democracy and opposition leaders by channelising the state funds to the groups involved in violent repression and instilling a climate of fear. Judiciary too failed to perform its duties in a fair and transparent way and colluded with Ortega Government for achieving its objectives. It has become a conduit for silencing Government critics, putting political opponent behind the bar without providing access to justice system.

President Biden’s administration proclamation restricts and suspends entry of Members of the Government of Nicaragua, Mayors, vice mayors, political secretaries, Officials of Nicaragua’s security services, the spouses, sons, and daughters of persons and all others who are involved in violation of human rights in any capacity into the United States as immigrants or non-immigrants.

In order to promote accountability for Nicaraguan officials, sanctions have been imposed by Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), against Nicaraguan Public Ministry and key nine Nicaraguan government officials. Nicaragua is further moving towards isolation as the U.S., European Union, Canada, Switzerland and other democratic countries have sanctioned Ortega-Murillo government, related officials and economic network linked to it. More than 1,00,000 Nicaraguans have fled the country. World is more integrated than before and crises at Nicaragua remains a concern for World.

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