Russia & NATO – Crises Deepening in Europe

A major Cyber Attack has hit Ukraine impacting several Government Department and other establishment. Secretary General of NATO has strongly condemned the attack. He said that in coming weeks the cyber co-operation will increase and Ukraine will also get access to NATO’s platform used for information sharing.

On the other hand, US Ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Mr Michael Carpenter whilst addressing an online press  briefing has said that European security is facing crises as massive troops have amassed on the Russian Border with Ukraine. Number of troops may be closer to 100,000 and are armed with State of Art weaponry and warfare systems etc. Moscow’s intentions are questionable as live-fire measures are being carried out by the troops. Mr Michael Carpenter highlighted the resolve made by President Biden for imposing unprecedented cost on Russia if there is military escalation and hence making it imperative to focus on dialogue as well as de-escalation

Ambassador Carpenter emphasised that Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) has served as a platform for building Military transparency in Europe.  He also highlighted that Belarus is seeing unprecedented repression in the form of restrictions on civil society, imprisonment, the use of torture etc and also conflicts in various regions under OSCE space including Conflict in Transnistria, Conflicts in Georgia in South Ossetia and Abkhazia, Conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan followed by repression of human rights and democratic principles, restrictions on media and imprisonment of journalist.  

OSCE has been a signatory of Minsk Agreement which provides for durable ceasefire, access for OSCE monitors to Eastern Donbas and withdrawal of heavy weapons from agreed zones for enabling Ukraine to have sovereignty, territorial integrity and control on its international borders.

Recently Russia has asked for security guarantees for reducing the level of crises in Europe which includes returning of NATO troops out from the countries which joined NATO after the fall of USSR level and ban on Ukraine to enter NATO. Russia has accused West for not fulfilling and respecting political commitments made during 1990 for not expanding NATO.

Earlier speaking, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan has said that Washington will work with allies in NATO and will support Ukrainian  people in defending their sovereignty and territorial integrity and there will be cost and consequences for Russia in case of destabilization in Ukraine. 

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