Will Biden’s “Relentless Diplomacy” Work?

Iran has set the tone at General Assembly, that Tehran under Raisi Government will not be compromising. The ongoing UN General Assembly Debate gives an insight into the worsening relation between US and Iran and how the Tehran under, President Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi, looks at the weakening role of United States as a superpower.  

Raisi, who is close to Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, is a hardliner and was elected last month. His predecessor Rouhani, who tried to work out the nuclear deal with US, was regarded as moderate and lost election.  In his speech Raisi said that sanctions are a new way of imposing war on the Nations and slammed United States for detreating credibility and power status.  He hinted Tehran’s willingness to talk on Nuclear deal, including political and economic cooperation and convergence with the rest of the world. He also slammed Israel as the organiser of terrorism.

The speech gives an insight that Raisi Government is looking at Political and Economic integration through SCO. It will use the strength of SCO to bargain with Washington on Nuke deals and unlike Rouhani’s Government will not be tilting towards the west. The speech is also important, as it gives an insight that US withdrawal from Afghanistan has given a renewed confidence to Iran to peruse its interest in the Middle East and integrate more closely with china and Russia for forming a multi polar World.

Earlier, President Biden addressing the 76th Session of the United Nations General Assembly said the US is committed to prevent Iran from building a nuclear weapon and is willing to engage with Iran on Nuke deal i.e. JCPOA. 

Biden address was significant as it highlights the way Washington foreign policy and engagement with partners may shape in future. Washington is not seeking a new Cold War with any country or formation of blocs. In his addresses without reference to any country, Biden acknowledged key issues of shifts in global power dynamics and shaping the rules of the world on vital issues like trade, cyber, and emerging technologies as key challenges.

Biden highlighted that Military power is not a solution for every problem and Washington has priority of rebuilding alliances as well as revitalizing partnerships, which are essential to America’s security and prosperity. He said that Washington is committed to NATO Alliance and toward a new on strategic concept working with Allies for mitigating evolving threats of today and tomorrow.

World is moving towards blocs and Iran’s entry in SCO will lead to deeper political, economic and strategic integration of Iran with China. It has to be seen to what extent Relentless Diplomacy works in engaging with Iran and countering threats of China in pacific and Indo pacific.

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