Will Ukraine Incursion be a Strategic Mistake for Russia

On Thursday, Liz Truss, the British Foreign Secretary has reiterated her warning to Russia for its actions against Ukrain that any foray into Ukraine would be a costly mistake for Russia, but at the same time welcoming Moscow’s readiness to engage in discussions. Foreign Secretary expressed her views whilst delivered speech at Chatham House on outlining how the UK is building a global network of liberty.

In her speech she has highlighted the contemporary challenges facing Modern World.  Extremists are using the social media to spread the hateful views and disinformation is being used by hostile parties to discredit the truth. Militancy, mistrust, and misinformation are increasingly being used by the Autocratic establishment around the world for gaining the edge. For the purpose of promoting freedom, It becomes imperative for the free world to fight back with the help of economic and technological strength. She outlined the Western perspective that initially West believed that freedom and democracy would inevitably spread over the world post the demise of communism.

As a result, societies began to turn inward and stopped engaging with the big ideas to further shape the world post demise of communism. The strategic shift was visible and evident in the decline of Défense spending and countries becoming strategically relying on other countries for cheap gas and critical technology such as 5G. Liz Truss has emphasised that in context of modern challenges, this is an age of introspection and Britain is determined to work with friendly countries to form a network of liberty through ideas, influence and inspiration. She quoted JFK in her speech “not with an imperialism of force or fear, but the rule of courage and freedom, and hope for the future of man.”

China now spends more than twice as much money on development aid as the United States. Beijing owes 44 poor and middle-income countries debts totaling more than 10% of their GDP. Over 40% of the EU’s gas is supplied by Russia, and in some nations, Russia has a virtual monopoly on supply. According to her, If Russia had its way, Europe will become more reliant on Russian gas and world needs to end this strategic dependency related to energy, investment and technology. Britain has to provide an alternative by increasing engagement, investment, shaping the economy, by usage of new technologies like artificial intelligence, quantum computing, 6G, etc  and  United Kingdom is uniquely positioned to provide leadership.

Its an new opportunity for the UK to shape the international agenda with the support of diplomacy, development, trade and security. Britain is reaching out to for building new economic partnerships with low- and middle-income countries, including launching of British International Investment for supporting green transition and providing infrastructure finance. The fund will finance £8 billion a year by 2025. On the tech front, UK is a science and tech superpower and is negotiating new tech partnership with the US.

On the security front, UK is forging cyber security partnerships with allies around the world including ASEAN, India, Canada and more and an increase in defence budget making UK, Europe’s largest NATO contributor. Stead fasting in NATO, commitment to 5 Eyes intelligence partnership and Power Defence Arrangements with Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Singapore.

Liz Truss highlighted that UK supports Ukrain’s security and defense and will prevent the Iranian regime from getting the nuclear weapon. UK is committed to freedom first and freedom-loving countries will enhance trade ties with each other, will build security links and will pull more countries into the orbit of freedom. At the end It is not a zero-sum game.

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