A Time for Peace – Top Five Nuclear Powers Commit to Prevent Spread of Nukes

In a rare joint statement released ahead of a review of a crucial nuclear treaty later this year, UN Security Council’s five permanent members, also the World’s top five global nuclear powers have taken a significant peace initiative by committing to prevent the spread of atomic weapons and for ensure that a nuclear war never occurs.

In the joint statement, the five countries have restated that nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought and none of the nuclear weapons possessed by these countries are aimed at each other or at any other country.

Top nuclear power realises that if Nuclear War breaks, there will be no winner and hence Nuclear conflict must be avoided in the interest of the humanity.  The joint statement is aimed at reduction of strategic risks and killing the potential of nuclear war arising from the conflict between nuclear armed states.

Any outbreak of nuclear war will have far-reaching consequences and hence must never be fought. Nuclear weapon has to serve the defence purpose for deterring aggression and for preventing war. Further the top five countries have agreed that any further spread of nuclear weapon must be prevented

Any Nuclear threats needs to be addressed but at the same time it is important to follow the International protocol for complying with International Laws, Non-proliferation agreements, disarmament and arms control treaties. The statement also aids the UN Security Council’s five permanent members in enhancing mutual confidence and will help in replacing great-power competition through means of coordinated cooperation.

Top five nuclear powers have highlighted their intention and have resolved for strengthening safeguards against any unintentional as well as unauthorized use of nuclear power and also the fact that their nuclear weapons are not aimed at each other as well as any other country. World Power will engage with all the countries for building a conducive environment for peace and disarmament with the ultimate objective of making the world free of nukes.  

Joint statement by the Nuclear-Powered States is significant as various friction points are brewing in Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific. Today World is at the cross road and threats or potential trigger points of conflicts are continually growing. Space race is accelerating. Apart from nuclear weapons other tactical weapons e.g., hypersonic weapons are taking centre stage.  Cybertechnology, Quantum computing are penetrating the civilian and defence infrastructure.  Weapons have layers of artificial intelligence and countries have technology to command the weapon usage on a real time basis without any human interface solely on the basis of AI. Biological, Genetical and Chemical Weapons are being developed in the state sponsored labs and has the risk to be acquired by any extremist or terrorist organisation. World need safety not just from Nuclear weapon but also from any tactical weapon or cyber warfare which has the potential to disrupt the World Peace. However, it is a welcome step that top five Nuclear States are committing to stop the spread of nukes. Any constructive dialogue between Nuclear Armed Sates for non-proliferation and disarmament is a welcome step for humanity.

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