M&M Leading SUV Race with Record Sales in December

Mahindra & Mahindra has  announced that its total auto sales in December 2022 were 56,677 vehicles.

Mahindra sold 28333 vehicles in the Utility Vehicles segment in December 2022 and registered sale of 28445 vehicles in Passenger Vehicles segment.

20080 vehicles were sold in the Commercial Vehicles segment in December 2022 and December’s exports totalled 3,100 vehicles.

M&M has seen a 61% increase in Passenger Vehicles and a 45% increase overall.

Domestic sales in the Farm Equipment Sector (FES) were 21,640 units in December 2022, up from 16,687 units in December 2021.

Company’s farm equipment division has registered impressive growth driven by enhanced rural economic scenario driven by good procurement of kharif and. wheat exports. This has led to strong demand for tractors.

Total tractor sales (domestic + exports) in December 2022 were 23,243 units, up from 18,269 units in the same period the previous year. For the month, exports totalled 1,603 units, up by 1% increase over the previous year.

M&M is constantly focused on technology and innovation. M&M has recently partnered with Airtel to deploy a 5G solution at Mahindra’s Chakan manufacturing facility. M&M is India’s first 5G enabled auto manufacturing unit, thanks to a partnership with Airtel. 5G Adoption will significantly improved Chakan facility network connectivity and will support manufacturing applications. It will solve software flashing speeds which is  a critical operation for vehicle dispatches. 5G will help managers in running parallel multiple software flashing sessions. This will result in shorter operation turnaround time.

M&M is expanding its capabilities in the EV space. Previously, the company received approval from the Maharashtra government to establish our EV manufacturing plant in Pune. The company, through its subsidiary, will invest approximately Rs. 10,000 Crore over a 7-8-year period in order to set up the manufacturing facility, develop, and produce Mahindra’s upcoming Born Electric Vehicles (BEVs).

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