Nasdaq Facilitate Raising $14.8 billion for 156 Firms in 2022

In 2022, Nasdaq has welcomed 156 initial public offerings (IPOs). It has facilitated the raising  of $14.8 billion in total. This year, Nasdaq listed 85 operating companies and 71 SPACs, representing an 89% win rate in the US market and extending Nasdaq’s leadership to 36 consecutive quarters.

There were 29 exchange transfers to Nasdaq in addition to the IPOs.

The SEC recently approved Nasdaq’s proposal to optimise existing rules for a direct listing with a capital raise, giving companies greater flexibility to enter public markets and reach investors.

TPG, Mobileye, and the largest SPAC, Screaming Eagle Acquisition Corp., are among the top three largest Nasdaq listings of the year.

This year, mobility technology emerged as a hot sector, with nine Nasdaq listings, including Polestar as the largest SPAC combination.

From APAC to EMEA, Nasdaq welcomed Starbox as the first Malaysian company to list on a US exchange, Inter as the first Brazilian company to transfer from a local exchange to Nasdaq, and Sampo as the largest Stockholm listing by market capitalization of the year.

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