UK Provides £4.5 million Additional Support to Rohingya Refugee in Bangladesh

United Kingdom is funding additional £4.5 million to sustain the Rohingya refugee response in Bangladesh.

The UK will provide food, water, sanitation, and child protection to Rohingya refugees and host communities in Cox’s Bazar and Bhasan Char as part of the assistance.

Since the beginning of the crisis in August 2017, the UK has contributed a total of £345 million. £4.5 million includes additional support for the World Food Programme of £3 million and UNICEF of £1.5 million.

This new UK assistance  will provide food to 219,000 Rohingya refugees and water, sanitation, and hygiene facilities to 46,000 Rohingya refugees.

8,500 menstrual hygiene kits will be distributed to Rohingya women and adolescent girls as part of the assistance. The United Kingdom is providing protection assistance to 1,500 children and adolescents from refugee camps and host communities.

The United Kingdom is advocating for a long-term solution that will allow the Rohingya to return to Myanmar in safety as soon as the situation improves.

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