EU Justice Scorecard –  Justice Delivery System Improves in EU

The execution and enforcement of EU legislation, as well as the maintaining of the rule of law and other principles shared by all Member States and the EU, depend on effective justice systems. When enforcing EU legislation, national courts function as EU courts. National courts are responsible for ensuring that the rights and duties outlined in EU legislation are adequately implemented.

Additionally, good judicial systems are necessary for fostering interpersonal trust, enhancing the environment for investing, and ensuring the sustainability of long-term growth.

An annual instrument for informational comparison, the EU Justice Scoreboard, provides unbiased, trustworthy, and comparable data on a number of indicators important for the evaluation of efficiency, quality and independence of justice systems in all Member States, it aims to help the EU and Member States improve the effectiveness of their national justice systems.

European Commission has published the eleventh edition of the EU Justice scoreboard , an annual overview providing comparative data on the efficiency, quality, and independence of justice systems among the EU Member States.

Under the study coverage, Scoreboard assessment includes various key areas imperative for various aspects of Justice delivery system and processes. This includes how national authorities are dealing with corruption. Study covers  length of proceedings related to bribery case and specific arrangements for facilitating equal access to justice for older person. Study also includes areas like  victims of gender-based and domestic violence, and persons who are at risk of discrimination.

The EU Scoreboard related to justice is an annual summary, which offers comparative statistics on the effectiveness, quality, and independence of judicial systems among EU Member States, has just been released in its eleventh edition by the European Commission.

The Scoreboard for this year includes data on 16 new topics, such as how national authorities are handling corruption, the length of court proceedings related to bribery cases, and specific arrangements facilitating equal access to justice for older people, victims of gender-based and domestic violence.

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