TCS Collaborate with JLR For Building Future Ready Digital Services

TCS is collaborating with JLR to advance its vision of a new luxury client experience

Tata Consultancy Services has formed a strategic collaboration with JLR to digitally change and streamline its operations.

Partnership will aid JLR in the development of a new future-ready and strategic technological architecture.

Over the next five years, the TCS JLR collaboration deal is worth £800 million.  

TCS will use its contextual knowledge, deep subject experience, proprietary platforms, broad partner ecosystem, and future-ready talent pool to assist JLR in enhancing its digital capability, as well as transforming, simplifying, and managing its Digital estate. TCS will assist JLR in the development of a new, future-ready digital core to support its business transformation.

TCS will allow a leaner, more agile, and scalable operating model by using new technologies to restructure core IT operations and embracing new methods of working.

Partnership will contribute significant savings for JLR which will accrue over period of five years.  

TCS is collaborating with JLR to advance its vision of a new luxury client experience adapted to diverse regions across the world.

JLR is reducing the CO2e emissions of its UK road freight fleet by transitioning to a combination of battery power, Bio-CNG and Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) powered HGVs.  JLR is focusing on developing a sustainable industrial environment that includes clean energy, innovation through supplier collaboration, and the use of sophisticated AI technologies to allow efficient supply chain monitoring and management. This method improves company resilience, reduces scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, and leads to a more stable and productive supply chain.

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