US & EU – Finding Common Grounds for Managing China

According to press release of the US Department of State, the United States and the European Union are trying to find common grounds for aligning views on various issues on the threat presented by the Chinese government. The press release was jointly issued by Department of State and EEAS on the outcome of the U.S. – E.U. Dialogue on China.  

Talks were held between Mr Wendy R. Sherman, Deputy Secretary of State and Mr Stefano Sannino, European External Action Service Secretary General. The United States and the European Union have issued a lengthy joint statement promising ongoing and close interactions for managing rivalry with China properly in a competitive and systemic way.

Despite EU’s reluctance to form an alliance against China, the meeting is focussed on finding common grounds where US & EU can come together for managing threats posed by China. US & EU recognises the dynamism and multifaceted aspects of relationship with China and the need to co-operate with China for maintaining the economic growth.

 Rule based international order is important for US and EU. China’s action in Hongkong leading to erosion of autonomy as well as well as democracy are areas of concern for US & EU. Violation of human rights and repression of minorities in Xinjiang & Tibet runs counter to the shared interest of the partners.

Disinformation campaign sponsored and supported by China poses a deep threat to modern democratic values and democratic society. US & EU will come together and share information for keeping a check on disinformation. Cooperation & exchange between both the partners will enhance for strengthening multilateral institutions

US & EU both shares the importance and need of maintaining and building economic and technological resilience, strengthening supply chain solutions and it’s diversifying the supply chain, and tackling economic.

Both the partners, emphasised the need of tight US-EU collaboration in upholding the rules-based international order. This includes ensuring that all countries have a level playing field.

 securing critical infrastructure, protecting IPR & sensitive technologies are matter of prime concern to both EU & US and both the partners will take necessary step for strengthening economic resilience and closing vulnerabilities.    

China’s unilateral action in South and East China Seas is area of concern. China’s action in Taiwan Strait has a direct impact on security and prosperity of US &EU

European Commission has announced Global Gateway development program. The program involves funding of €300 billion for development of Infrastructure, similar to Biden’s administration Build Back Better World initiative for countering China’s BRI initiative.

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