Armoured Fleet from UK – Aiding Civilian Evacuation in Ukraine

  • The United Kingdom will contribute a fleet of 13 armoured vehicles to Ukraine to aid in the rescue of residents trapped in besieged areas.
  • Vehicles will also be used to transport key workers who will be helping to rebuild critical infrastructure.
  • The highly specialized fleet is being sent in direct response to a request from the Ukrainian government.

The United Kingdom is deploying a fleet of 13 armoured vehicles to Ukraine to securely evacuate civilians from shelled territories in the country’s east. Vehicles will be provided in response to a direct request from Ukraine’s government for secure and reliable civilian transportation. They will also be used to carry officials from Ukrainian ministries to makeshift command posts built up for government operations and the reconstruction of critical infrastructure in besieged areas, including as energy supply.

The fleet will also be used by the Ukrainian police and the National Guard to rehabilitate crucial railway links in Ukraine’s east. The fleet consists of specialised 4x4s that have been armoured to withstand high-velocity gunshots, anti-personnel mines, and improvised explosive devices.

Liz Truss, The UK Foreign Secretary said that It is a war crime to deliberately harm innocent persons. This latest donation of armoured vehicles will aid in the protection of innocent Ukrainians fleeing Russian shelling and will assist Ukrainian officials in their essential task.

“The intentional targeting of innocent civilians is a war crime”

“This latest donation of armoured vehicles will help protect innocent Ukrainians attempting to flee Russian shelling and support Ukrainian officials carrying out vital work”

The unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine continues to exact a heavy human toll, including the murder of innocent civilians and mass displacement of families, as well as the destruction of critical infrastructure such as schools and hospitals. More than 12 million people are expected to be in need of humanitarian aid, with the actual number likely to be far higher.

The vehicles, which were donated from the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office’s fleet, will begin arriving in eastern Ukraine in the coming days, with UK government logistics teams working with local partners to dispatch them as soon as possible.

£220 million is included in the package to deliver medical supplies and basic necessities on the ground, saving lives and safeguarding those who are most vulnerable. This includes assistance from the United Nations, the Red Cross, and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), such as the DEC and UK-Med.

According to Government estimates, The fleet worth approx. £660,000. It is part of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) supply. To suit the Government of Ukraine’s request, the vehicles will be supplied in stages. Steel plating, strengthened glass, improved suspension, and better brakes safeguard the cars, which also contain an internal VHF 2-way radio for long-range communication outside.

Melinda Simmons, the UK Ambassador to Kyiv, returned to Kyiv on Friday.

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