Tech Mahindra Partners with Red Hat for Modernizing Telco’s Infra and Migration to Cloud

Red Hat and Tech Mahindra have announced their cooperation to help communications service providers (CSPs) migrate to the cloud and upgrade their infrastructure.

Using Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS and Tech Mahindra’s hyper-automation platform, the partnership partnership will provide telcos with tailored solutions to transfer crucial 5G and multi-access edge computing (MEC) workloads to hybrid cloud.

In order to implement a distributed, multi-vendor 5G Core, edge, and MEC solution in a hybrid and multi cloud environment, this offering integrates a wide range of products and services, thus speeding the adoption of 5G use cases for CSPs.

According to the Company’s Executive, it would be strategic for CSPs to install 5G on hybrid clouds with hyper automation if they want to cut down on their capital and operating costs.

Telcos will be able to create and implement 5G use cases with the help of a joint solution from Red Hat and Tech Mahindra, as well as have a clearer migration plan for moving network workloads from on-premises to hybrid and multi-cloud scenarios without altering their current software stack.

A multi-domain network transformation across RAN, 5G Core, transport, and enterprise edge use cases will be addressed by the combined solution.

When a company uses numerous cloud computing platforms or services from various cloud providers, this is referred to as multi-cloud. By using this strategy, businesses may avoid vendor lock-in and benefit from the distinctive features and capabilities provided by several cloud providers.

To get the most out of a multi-cloud strategy, enterprises must have a comprehensive grasp of their requirements as well as the advantages and disadvantages of various cloud providers. Managing several cloud environments may be challenging. To properly manage and monitor their cloud systems, they must also have the appropriate procedures and tools in place.

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